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Discover how to generate passive income with affiliate marketing

At WaoPress we offer partner status rather than affiliate status; unlike other programs, we offer lifetime commissions and not just on the first sale.

At WaoPress you earn unlimited commissions for life for all your direct and indirect referrals.

  • 20% lifetime commissions for hosting purchases.
  • 10% lifetime commissions on purchases of other services.
  • 5% lifetime commissions on reseller/agency hosting purchases.
  • Cookies valid for 90 days.
  • You do not need to be a client and we do not limit your commissions.

For users with a proven community, we offer all the advantages of affiliates and more:

  • 1 year of hosting +Support for your web (Renewable by results).
  • Access to our  gallery of apps  for one user.
  • 20% discount code on the first purchase for your community.

The only thing we ask and in order to promote your affiliate link, is that you make at least a couple of social shares explaining honestly how has been your experience passing your hosting with us.


Did you know that very few affiliate programs pay lifetime commissions?

In WaoPress, more than affiliates to use, we are looking for partners motivated by affiliate marketing, which are not simply dedicated to distribute links, but are even motivated to see this business as a way of life and not just as an extra income; that is why, to motivate you in this new venture, we make you a partner so, by the face. We offer you commissions with two levels on an unlimited basis and for life, being able to generate recurring income even if you decide to stop actively promoting us one day.

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Did you know that very few affiliate programs pay lifetime commissions?

At WaoPress, we want you to turn your passion for affiliate marketing into a constant source of income, so we will give you lifetime commissions on all products and renewals purchased by the customers you refer to us, even when you are already promoting us.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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First you must register at this link Once you are registered, send us an email at telling us a little about your community and how you think we can add value to your community, we will respond with the following steps.

Each program has its own rules, but basically the company makes you sign up, or you even need to be a client of the company while with us you can have access to the affiliate panel without being a client.

Once you are inside, they give you an affiliate link, every time a customer clicks on that link it leaves a cookie in the browser, then if they buy at that time, or within the duration of the cookie (which is usually 90 days) you receive a commission per sale made and it is normal that the generation of passive income goes there and theirs is the data of your customer and their subscription.

Instead with us, the main advantage is that your income does not depend on the generation of direct traffic, a customer can start doing a free course or visiting a post, and end up buying one of our hosting services and that unique link already activates you recurring income and for life by receiving this valid sale. In a year, when this customer renews his hosting plan or buys another product, he will continue to generate passive income for you.

Another advantage is that our commissions are paid for life, starting with up to 20% commissions on sales.

One of the great advantages for both is that you don’t have to make an investment to join an affiliate program, but neither does the company have to pay out any money: it’s pure results-driven marketing. There are some less common affiliate models where you get paid for actions such as user registration or some other interaction.