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The ONLY multichannel CRM focused on instant messaging

Communicate with all your customers in the channel they prefer without having to jump between windows, while with other CRMs you have to pay for expensive plugins to maintain a unified communication with your customers, with amoCRM you can have it all centralized in one place.

What are amoCRM plans and how do they work?

When you contract amoCRM plans through a certified partner like us you get many advantages: first of all the support is directly with us and in Spanish, in addition, you get discounts and free months depending on the number of months you contract, you will have plans of 7, 19, 13 and 25 months, the more months you contract the more discounts you get. To know the different amoCRM plans you can visit their website and below you will find a comparative table of the advantages of contracting with us:

Paquetes Básico Avanzado Empresarial
7 meses (6+1 gratis) 90€ 150€ 270€
10 meses (8+2 gratis) 120€ 200€ 360€
13 meses (10+3 gratis) 150€ 250€ 450€
25 meses (18+7 gratis) 270€ 450€ 810€
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Not sure about your best option for WhatsApp Marketing?

Don’t worry, that’s our job, we are dedicated to test the best tools to make it easier for you, we have tested them all and we can help you, write us to the chat.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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No, it is not necessary; these applications are designed so that any company can do WhatsApp marketing without having to comply with convoluted conditions and pay abusive amounts.

With the WhatsApp API you will have to pay the price of the application, comply with the requirements of the contract, among which is that you can only use it to send notification messages, and, in addition, pay about 43€ for every thousand messages sent and received.

With our WhatsApp marketing apps, you will only have to pay the price of the application and you will be able to send as many messages as you want.

Although it was an excellent way to disseminate campaigns in its day, email marketing has become so overused that consumers no longer stop to read the promotional emails they receive and email marketing campaigns are no longer effective compared to messaging tools. In addition, anti-spam rules are becoming increasingly strict, limiting any promotional campaign through this medium.

On the other hand, as a matter of supply and demand, mail marketing applications and platforms have become especially expensive, creating a vicious circle: you need to invest a lot in mail marketing campaigns to make money and you need to make a lot of money to maintain your mail marketing campaign.

All the experts say that WhatsApp marketing is going to be the promotional medium of the future, so take advantage of this opportunity and design your WhatsApp marketing campaign as soon as possible.

If you plan your strategy carefully and take care to make them look more like personalized messages than bulk messages, WhatsApp should not detect a message being sent as spam and therefore will not ban your account. In any case, here are some tips to avoid surprises:

  • If possible, your mailing lists should have the name or some variant in the contact details of your potential customers so that each message is unique.
  • In your first message, ask the customer for permission to write to you (you can use a lead magnet to get permission) and under no circumstances write to him again if he doesn’t answer or doesn’t give you permission.
  • Create multiple versions of your messages and randomly send each version to customers.
  • Program in messaging applications a random time between messages to be sent. Also make sure that these times seem natural: no one writes a message in just 2 seconds.

In short, the setup of your WhatsApp marketing campaign has to simulate that a person is sending the messages to the customers.

It is very common in this type of campaign to wonder whether I am complying with the GDPR.

The answer is no: since the customer is writing to you expressly to receive information, you can find more information at this article.