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What is the best WordPress hosting in Spain and the world?

Hello, my name is Pablo González, I am the CEO of WaoPress, and author of this comparison. Before I start I want to clarify that this is not an attack on any of the hosting providers or any affiliate that is cleanly dedicated to benchmarking, at WaoPress we know that we do a disruptive model of hosting and, therefore, plays with rules that we are sure that no hosting provider or affiliate that does benchmarking had considered doing so far. We have strived to create a specialized WordPress hosting that exceeds all the technical features from the most basic plan, knowing that although these technical features are the main differential value of traditional hosting providers, they do not necessarily have a direct impact on the loading speed of web pages.

Our main differential value is not in the hardware of our servers, but in the fact that we provide dedicated resources per web, on the one hand, and on the other hand, we offer a variety of software. (CDN, Image optimization, Cache, code optimization, etcetera) running in the background of your WordPress installation so that as a whole, it results in the fastest WordPress service on the market.

I have tried to be as fair and impartial as possible; only in a few cases do I relate my verifiable experience as a user with a supplier. We must also clarify that the loading speed of a web page, although it depends largely on the hosting service (traditionally hardware power), also depends a lot on the optimization we do to the web at the software level and this is what we have done differently. We are not better or faster, whatever you want to call it, just because we have better machines or better disks, we are faster because there is a lot of software that optimizes code delivery.

Furthermore, it must be understood that if most of the suppliers in this comparison play by the rules that have been played in this sector for at least the last decade, this does not make them worse, but different from us, we are basically comparing apples and pears. In the spirit of making it clear that we are only presenting contrasted data, the speed comparisons have clear instructions on how to check the data with software in its free version and in turn have a document on how to check the data. coda.io separate for each company I benchmarked, where there is a listing of the URLs consulted from a public database for transparency.

GDPR, CMS and speed test of each provider

In this table we will compare the loading speed of each provider’s website, whether or not they are complying with the data protection law regarding Cookies, whether or not they are using WordPress for their own website and if they are specialized solely and exclusively in WordPress like us. Below the table you will find a video where we do all the tests in real time for greater transparency. In some parts of the video we make the mistake of saying “does not give right to consent” when we mean “does not give right to withdrawal” but it is a video that was not planned and we did not want to edit in honor of transparency.

Mobile Speed Test Is their website built on WordPress? Are they specialized in WordPress? Do they comply with the RGPD?
waopress-logo_150x150 97%
loading-logo 90%
adw-2 71%
site 63%
dinahosting-1 60%
Arsys 54%
Acens 44%
Axarnet 38%
Ionos 32%
cdmon 32%
cube 32%
raiola 31%
Ovh 26%
webwmpresa 22%
Comvive 22%
Profesional-Hosting 20%

Technical and economic characteristics

In this part of the comparison we will focus on the features that unite all (or the vast majority) of hosting providers, comparing the price versus the features of the most basic hosting plans. We have always taken into account that it is focused on WordPress and that the prices are expressed in their annual renewal and not in promotional price. This part of the comparative will be divided in two parts, the first part will be a comparative table and the second part will be a descriptive memory of the table and our contributions as an alternative to the hosting and domain companies in Spain and the world.

Comparative table of the best hosting for WordPress

Annual cost Plugins/Themes Speed warranty Bandwidth or visits Dedicated resources Disk space/type Backups/retention Server location Staging
waopress-logo_150x150 From 80€ No medida Autoescalable Ilimitado NVMe Hasta en tiempo real por un año UK/USA +21 CDN
cube From 38,40€ Not measured 4GB SSD Spain
Acens From 46,80€ Not measured 50GB SSD Spain
Ovh From 59,88€ Not measured 250GB HDD 11
site From 99,50€ 10k Visits 10GB SSD Daily for 30 days 6
adw-2 From 119,40€ 100GB 5GB NVMe Daily for 10 days Spain
Axarnet From 99,48€ No measurement 5GB SSD Daily not indicated Spain
raiola From 71,40€ 100GB 6GB SSD Spain
Comvive From 47,88€ 20GB 20GB Daily for 30 days Spain
Profesional-Hosting From 59,88€ No Measure 3GB NVMe Spain
loading-logo From 22,80€ 10GB 2GB NVMe Daily not indicated Spain
Arsys From 118,80€ Not metered 25GB SSD Spain
cdmon From 60€ 200GB 5GB SSD Daily for 15 days Spain
webwmpresa From 79€ 200GB 5GB SSD Daily for 30 days Spain
dinahosting-1 From 54€ Not measured 50GB NVMe Daily not indicated Spain
Ionos From 48 Not measured 25GB SSD Daily not indicated 4

Descriptive report

First of all, to be fair, updated to February 2022, I have ordered (and I will review it annually) from fastest to least fast hosting and domain providers, taking into account the mobile devices metric, since it is the most important at the moment. Within the comparison we tested tens of thousands of webs in which we do not include ourselves, because we are new in the market and do not have a representative sample as these big competitors; even so, because we guarantee a minimum of 60% in mobile and 80% in desktop speed or your money back, we put ourselves first.

When we set out to be an alternative to traditional hosting services, we always did it from the user’s perspective, because in fact for 15 years we were customers of these hosting models (we have been customers of many of the providers we have in this comparison).

You have to take into account that since there is no real competition, they all use the same techniques and take advantage of the same biases that I will explain below, I am not saying that it is good or bad, we are just saying that we did not agree as clients and that is why we do it differently.

Type of hosting: the crux of the matter

I can try to say it louder, but not clearer: shared hosting, especially a shared watertight, today, is a nonsense, because in the best case you have no control and freedom in the scalability of resources, and in the worst case your website is crowded with thousands of websites without any resource allocation.

Yes, there are shared types of hosting, yes, there are also luxury hostels, but it doesn’t mean that if the neighbor got up first and took away your hot water or went to the bathroom before you, you will literally eat your share.

Also, if you think about it, it is a complete botch job because doing it properly does not cost more; well, sometimes it does, but what does it cost more? 2 euros a month? I am sure you would not put at risk the experience of your users on your website for 2 euros a month when you can bring much more benefits to your projects by paying a price of 8 euros instead of 6 euros. What happens is that you have been made to believe that hosting is nothing more than disk space, databases, Spanish IPs, unlimited data transfer, and of course, if everyone gives you only that, you go for the cheapest one (I would do the same).

We present the alternative: a quality hosting, which offers dedicated and auto-scalable RAM, CPU and LVE resources, unlimited SSD nVME disk, which you can scale to infinity if your project requires it, but that is more than enough for the vast majority of SMB websites, and although with these providers you can buy the same hardware for much more price, they do not have the same speed and refund guarantees, nor the additional services that we offer you.

Speed guarantee: the true test

When we decided to take the step of turning our agency into a hosting provider with unique services, we knew we were good, what we didn’t know was how good. Personally, I am an avid consumer of podcasts, blogs and any information from the world of marketing, and it is very common that many marketing referents, from their spaces, point to a provider as the king of speed, when it has been far from the best in our comparison.

Funny how even our team believed that lie because of how much it was repeated, we thought these suppliers would make it to first or second place, but they didn’t make it to third, or fourth, or fifth… When we found out how badly they were doing, with how well they were advertising themselves we asked ourselves, “How can we do ethical and sustainable advertising without media exposure and without offering empty promises?” The answer: our speed guarantee and money-back guarantee. In short: if we don’t give you a minimum of 60% mobile and 80% desktop page speed test on Google, we don’t deserve your money, we believe that’s the best advertising you can -NOT- buy.

There are a lot of podcasts out there telling you not to obsess about Google page speed, which is impossible to achieve, to look for Gtmetrix (the easiest to pass), which is more realistic. We have two opinions about it:

  • I’m never going to ask my grandmother if I’m handsome to give me an answer I want to hear.
  • If one SEO metric is load speed (and we all agree on that), why would I ask Gtmetrix how fast I am, if what I’m interested in is what Google thinks of me? Or does Gtmetrix have a search engine that we don’t know about?

Data transfers or visits: the unlimited data transfer scam

As I was saying, before getting into this business of being suppliers, we were users, that is why we do everything so differently, because we know firsthand what the users’ pains are and what the suppliers’ legs are limping on. Unlimited transfer on a shared server does not exist, because transfer is a value; not measuring it or not limiting it is something that always brings one or more of the following consequences with a shared server:

  • That there are hundreds, thousands or millions of webs without control of resources, compromising the server response, so that everything goes wrong, yes or yes (the vast majority of companies in this comparison do not do this bad practice).
  • One day they realize that you are using too many resources or too much of that unlimited bandwidth they give you and they send you a warning or shut down your service (the more serious ones do just this).
  • Then there are the more responsible ones that will cap everything else, so they send you a friendly email in the middle of a Facebook Ads campaign, one weekend to tell you: “beautiful, move to the other plan” (real case).

In short, unlimited sharing does not exist: it is an optical illusion that looks very good in an advertisement. With our servers, the transfer is unlimited because it is based on your resources, we don’t take from anyone to give to anyone, the alternative is to allow you to let unlimited users into a stagnant box of limited resources that fills up until it breaks.

Type of storage and disk space: a little more of the above

Disk space is another of the big flags with which we compete, well, we jump on the bandwagon and explain the strategy: 90% of the websites I have worked with in my 15 years as a consultant do not reach 1GB of storage space, so we give you unlimited storage for your website, you will never use it, but look how good we look. The important thing about storage is that it is SSD or better NVMe SSD. But you can tell me the utility of a hosting that only allows you to have 1 hosted domain, but gives you 250GB of HDD disk, a discontinued disk that will give you bad results. This is basically the same as trading you Spotify for a room full of vinyl. It looks good in advertising, but it is meaningless.

Automatic backups and retention for one year: because it was cool and because we could

I’m not going to fool you, 99% of the time, having real-time backups with hourly uploads to external servers, or making additional copies to another server like the one we offer you, is not going to change your life; but just that other 1% in which we would love to receive an email to our support from you saying “you saved my afternoon”, is one of those little details that make a big difference. We believe that it is better to have 100 backups and not need them, than to need them and not have them.

That’s why we offer you a daily automatic backup at server level, the possibility to create as many as you want manually at control panel level and depending on the plan, 2 additional backups or even in real time at plugin level directed to another server that we pay for. In the comparison, when we put a “warning” is because neither in their sales page nor in their documentation (if they have it) indicates or makes clear the issue of backups, but come on, the market standards are daily backups with 30 days retention, ours has been pure cockiness, but how cool is that?

Locations: because there is a world of data centers beyond Spain

There is a hoax that became very well known, and it is supposed that an IP of the country where you want to position, helps the SEO; well in this article we refute this and other myths. What is really important is that it is close to where your target audience is for a load speed issue -that is where we have no competition- so we have 21 locations with load balancers and CDN distribution in all continents, that is, we can support someone with a project in India, in South America, in Spain or Youtubers in Andorra. We have one or more PoPs on each continent and that is what matters.

Staging and development URLs: available in any plan

First of all there are the little known development URLs, where you can redo your website or test the migration before pointing the DNS, this feature is not offered by any of the providers in this comparison. Then we have Staging, this feature is very useful when we want to develop in a “mirror web” of ours without affecting the production environment. In this comparison very few offer it and none of them offer it in their most basic plan. We support it from the server and from plugins, who cares, the storage space is unlimited.

Innovative services

In this section we are not going to make a comparison so as not to be confusing, all these services are unique to WaoPress and are a differential value that do not have to cost more if you take into account everything we give you in return. In addition to the speed guarantee, we offer you depending on the plan:

  • Unlimited installation and update of plugins and themes.
  • White label reports for agencies.
  • We transform your WordPress into a native mobile APP.
  • Unlimited support in English for your WordPress questions.
  • A support team specialized in improving loading times.
  • Knowledge base.
  • Third-party applications.

Speed tests

As this is a sensitive area, we wanted to act as a notary would: in a professional manner and without judging anything other than pure and simple data. First I give you a total list of the best hosting providers in Spain and some in the world, from the best speed or loading times to the worst, but I invite you to do the same tests that I have done; for more transparency, these are the steps:

  • Go to the myip.ms website in the Spain section. This is a public list of websites sorted by hosting provider.
  • Copy all the websites of the provider in question and paste them into Coda.io (it only leaves you 50 pages per day but with a VPN we solve the problem.
  • Download the URL Profiler program and paste all these URLs there, check the boxes “HTTP Status”, “Mobile PageSpeed” and “Desktop PageSpeed”.
  • Filter the column “HTTP Status” and remove the answers that are not “200”, remove all pages that put 0% and those that put 100% PageSpeed, but when you enter it usually have a text of “in maintenance”.
  • Once you have those values already filtered, copy this coda document and paste the URL, Mobile and Desktop values; the graphs will automatically pop up.

I repeat that my intention with this comparison is to show the real and verifiable data, anyone with patience and desire to corroborate the truth can do it; everyone is free to have an opinion, but I invite you to document yourself before issuing yours: we did it and without being given the step by step. That said, let’s get down to it:

The summary

To make so many numbers a little more bearable, we will divide the websites as Google does, from 1 to 49% PageSpeed is considered slow, from 50 to 89% is average and from 90 to 100% is fast. There are so many variables that it was difficult to decide the criteria and support to check which was the best and worst hosting in Spain in terms of speed, so we decided to use the speed metric for mobile devices, as it is the most relevant today.

The hostings are ordered and ranked from the one with the least slow websites (that would be Cubenode with 68.3% of its websites) to the one with the most slow websites (that would be Ionos with 92.5% of all the websites analyzed). In the following graphs you can also see the results in a general way, or you can copy in the button below all the data in Coda for more transparency:

Download data


Cubenode analyzed 1774 websites, from which we have these numbers:

Slow Mobile Slow Desktop Average Mobile Average Desktop Fast Mobile Fast Desktop
68.3% 23.2% 27.1% 59.3% 4.6% 17.5%

We have worked with this hosting and we were surprised that it had some of the best results, because we did not have a very good experience. If we only look at their website, the conditions are not clear, they do not give good technical support, in fact it is one of the only two bad experiences I have had with suppliers on this list. But the metrics don’t lie: they are among the fastest of the slow.

Download data


Acens analyzed 1224 websites from which we have these numbers:

Slow Mobile Slow Desktop Average Mobile Average Desktop Fast Mobile Fast Desktop
69.8% 27.7% 29.1% 58.7% 1.1% 13.6%

Acens is a subsidiary of Telefónica with which we did not get to work, but which we also expected to have a better performance, and it was not the case, although it has a second place, it still has 69.8% of its websites that load slowly on mobile.

Download data


From OVH we analyzed 13971 websites of which we have these numbers:

Slow Mobile Slow Desktop Average Mobile Average Desktop Fast Mobile Fast Desktop
70.3% 23.6% 27.0% 59.0% 2.8% 17.4%

Imagine if Lord Voldemort had a child with Bellatrix Lestrange, one of the spawn’s horcruxes would be OVH (now I got comfortable before I started). We tested it very briefly around 2014 and all wrong: nothing worked. It is a cheap hosting with technical support by mail and they attended you when they wanted; you could say that years later they have changed and do things better, but you enter their sales page and you find the pearl of 250GB of HDD hard disks in a 4 hard hosting. I understand that if they have these numbers it is because they resell hosting to half the planet (Webempresa) and these will buy better machines; very Dark everything.

Download data

4 Siteground

From Siteground we analyzed 2750 websites of which we have these numbers:

Slow Mobile Slow Desktop Average Mobile Average Desktop Fast Mobile Fast Desktop
71.9% 22.1% 26.3% 69.2% 1.8% 8.7%

The good: Siteground is a serious and solid company that if you compare it within the standards of the “old school” of hosting, does things right. I have been a customer of theirs and although I had a bad experience in which for some reason that I never understood, they told me in my face that the shared I paid at the beginning had more resources than the cloud to which I migrated and for which I paid triple, the truth is that it is a well assembled shared. It has its own caching tool that although it pulls a plugin, it makes the attempt. They send you an email when you go over your resources; before their limit of visits they do not interrupt your service; and it is not part of the “unlimited” which does not make any sense in a shared service.

The bad: I don’t know how much you are in this world, but personally I don’t know of any hosting company that advertises and sponsors more than Siteground: but the numbers don’t prove them right by far.

Download data


From ADW, 478 websites were analyzed, of which we have these numbers:

Slow Mobile Slow Desktop Average Mobile Average Desktop Fast Mobile Fast Desktop
72.2% 32.0% 24.5% 57.1% 3.3% 10.9%

We have no experience working with ADW either, but their web offer is quite correct and logical: they put limits on transfers, offer NVME SSD disk space and have some of the best results within this “old school of hosting”.

Download data

6 Axarnet

Axarnet analyzed 3103 websites of which we have these numbers:

Slow Mobile Slow Desktop Average Mobile Average Desktop Fast Mobile Fast Desktop
72.4% 29.3% 24.5% 58.5% 3.1% 12.2%

We also work with Axarnet, but with nothing relevant to highlight. Looking at the offer on their website, we see again two practices that we do not like: “unlimited” traffic on a shared server (I would like to ask them if I can connect YouTube traffic to their shared servers) and that they double the fee a year after contracting them because it looks better in the advertisement.

Download data

7 Raiola Networks

From Raiola Networks we analyzed 6830 websites from which we have these numbers:

Slow Mobile Slow Desktop Average Mobile Average Desktop Fast Mobile Fast Desktop
73.3% 24.0% 24.5% 60.1% 2.1% 15.9%

With Raiola Networks we were able to negotiate, but we did not manage to finalize the collaboration, their customer service was very correct and what is interesting about their offer, is that apart from making the transfer issue very clear, their pricing policy is very transparent. It is the only one we have seen that even reports how many resources it offers to its customers according to the hosting plan. Moreover, its metrics are average within this old model.

Download data

8 Comvive

From Comvive, 830 websites were analyzed, from which we have these numbers:

Slow Mobile Slow Desktop Average Mobile Average Desktop Fast Mobile Fast Desktop
74.2% 31.6% 22.8% 53.0% 3.0% 15.4%

We worked with Comvive for one season, and the truth is that there is nothing important to highlight. From their current offer we see everything correct and coherent: it looks like a company without so much hype and has better results in reality (taking as a quick result that 3% of your websites work as they should) but they are among the most common of this comparison.

Download data

9 Professional Hosting

From Professional Hosting we analyzed 1466 websites of which we have these numbers:

Slow Mobile Slow Desktop Average Mobile Average Desktop Fast Mobile Fast Desktop
74.8% 31.2% 22.6% 57.3% 2.7% 11.5%

We don’t work with Profesional Hosting, but looking at your web offer we see again the practice we don’t like: “unlimited” traffic on shared ; we would like to ask you if I can bring Amazon traffic to your unlimited 5 euro servers.

Download data

10 Loading

From Loading, 1504 websites were analyzed, from which we have these numbers:

Slow Mobile Slow Desktop Average Mobile Average Desktop Fast Mobile Fast Desktop
76.1% 29.3% 22.6% 59.6% 1.3% 11.0%

We haven’t worked with Loading either, but they are a hosting company with an offer on their website that seems to be correct: an average rank in the metrics.

Download data

11 Arsys

From Arsys we analyzed 7329 websites of which we have these numbers:

Slow Mobile Slow Desktop Average Mobile Average Desktop Fast Mobile Fast Desktop
78.0% 36.8% 20.7% 53.0% 1.3% 10.3%

We cannot give an opinion about Arsys beyond the impressions of the plans on their website and their speed test because we have not been their customers. We don’t like to first read the trap word “unlimited” in shared hosting plans and the other trap of putting you in big that you pay an amount that goes up 120% after the first year.

Download data

12 Cdmon

From Cdmon we analyzed 3287 websites of which we have these numbers:

Slow Mobile Slow Desktop Average Mobile Average Desktop Fast Mobile Fast Desktop
78.8% 26.6% 20.9% 70.3% 0.4% 3.2%

We have experience with Cdmon. The truth is that at the time we left it because it seemed too expensive for what it offered; but it is true that it offers like no other -at the time it did not have it- a free test environment that is a stroke of genius. However, he has been among the worst performers in the speed tests.

Download data

13 Webempresa

From Webempresa we analyzed 732 websites of which we have these numbers:

Slow Mobile Slow Desktop Average Mobile Average Desktop Fast Mobile Fast Desktop
82.9% 64.6% 16.9% 29.6% 0.1% 5.7%

Webempresa was for sure the pretty bride that everyone wanted to dance with, because like Siteground, they promoted themselves even in the town fairs. At the time we worked with them and everything was ok. We had a hard time getting their webs in the database because everywhere it popped up OVH, that’s right: look at the numbers.

Download data

14 Dinahosting

From Dinahosting we analyzed 570 websites of which we have these numbers:

Slow Mobile Slow Desktop Average Mobile Average Desktop Fast Mobile Fast Desktop
85.4% 36.1% 14.2% 58.2% 0.4% 5.6%

We haven’t worked with Dinahosting, but a bit more of the same: unlimited traffic on shares, average disk space, prices that change every year and bad metrics.

Download data

15 Ionos

From Ionos, 777 websites were analyzed, from which we have these numbers:

Slow Mobile Slow Desktop Average Mobile Average Desktop Fast Mobile Fast Desktop
92.5% 50.8% 7.5% 47.1% 0.0% 2.1%

We have never worked with Ionos, but mainly because it has a very bad reputation, to the point that it was called 1&1 and was recently renamed, presumably for a facelift, but the metrics say that the change was only in the name.

Download data

Summary and comments

We hope we have lived up to our fairness, while commenting on our sincere experience in cases where we have worked with a provider, whether we liked it or not. We would like to know your experience, but above all, have you tested how many Google PageSpeed points your website has, if you haven’t done it you can do it in this button: