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Convertir tu sitio WordPress en app es lo más cómodo para que tus clientes reciban notificaciones push

Mobile applications have never been easier to create
Why should you convert WordPress into an app? 

Every day we hear about the user experience, their mobile experience, social media, everything we have to do outside to bring users inside, constantly relying on those traffic sources to keep our business afloat. But who is telling you about retention? Now you can create your own native and inexpensive applications thanks to the new mobile application builders.

Frequently Asked Questions
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It is a development tool in the form of a visual builder like the one you would use to make Web Pages with Divi, Elementor or even Wix, but specific to your mobile application; there you will find multiple modules with hundreds of combinations available to solve infinite types of business model.

In addition to being an excellent development tool, it is also a branding tool, since it provides security to your customers, strengthens your brand image and allows you a very close communication channel with them at a very low price, thus improving the user experience.

A push notification is basically an instant message that we receive on our mobile devices. Unlike email, it allows you to have a more direct communication with your audience without having to spend extra money on Email Marketing platforms. Improving the relationship with your customers and therefore, your conversions.

Yes, although there are multiple modules with hundreds of native combinations, in our opinion the most powerful is the browser mode, as it is like the Chrome or Safari browser on your mobile, but with your brand and your designs, as well as offering the ability to send Push notifications. Take advantage of this technology without making another investment beyond a responsive web version because it is a super powerful feature.

Yes, since it is a native app; unlike a progressive app, which is basically downloading a file to your mobile with many limitations such as push notifications and a less intuitive installation process, mobile app builders are designed to create custom apps with advanced knowledge, giving you an immediacy of access to your new tool in your marketing strategy and leaving it ready to be published natively in the Apple and Android Stores.

A progressive app has its usefulness, but it is very limiting: they are usually a limited version of the mobile version of your website in shortcut format, which sometimes, as in the case of Android, could even have notifications: it is just a preview of what our app builder offers you, since in the marketing strategy we propose, we bet on Push notifications. In addition, a native application does not allow you to do the tricks with WooCommerce that our app offers you in connection with the WordPress REST API. In addition, as mentioned above, a progressive application is currently not compatible with most of the functionalities in IOS.

That’s precisely the magic of using our mobile app builder; logically we don’t want you to get stuck with your current content, all your content, courses, blog articles, pages, etc. will be synchronized with your app through our official plugin.

Yes, but it is not necessary, the program gives you the necessary files, and with our step-by-step tutorials, you can publish it on Android and iOS platforms. If you wish, we can do it for you, it has a cost of 200€ one-time payment.

Everything is automatic and does not depend on your website, you won’t even need access to the control panel. Everything is updated on our servers and replicated across all mobile apps, without your customers noticing or affecting user activity or their mobile experience.