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How can I participate in the affiliate program?

With WaoPress you can earn lifetime commissions for referring the fastest hosting on the market, we have in fact one of the few affiliate programs that pays lifetime commissions, these commissions can be used to pay for your services or withdrawn to your bank account to go on holiday, you decide.

So, you can refer 5 clients so that your service costs you nothing, or you can use our affiliate program for free and here we explain how to use the program:

If you are not a WaoPress client

If you do not have an account with us, you must register at this link, once registered you will receive an email to confirm your registration.

If I am a customer or I have registered

Once registered in our platform we only have to accept the conditions of the affiliate program, to do this we go to my account and then click on affiliate program, once there we click on “Click here to opt-in” as you can see in this image:

How to get your affiliate link

In WaoPress you don’t have a single affiliate link, but you can use any of our sales pages, blog content, knowledge base articles, etc, and use it to create your own affiliate links. So you can perfectly well create an article talking about the importance of Core Web Vitals and point to our blog instead of directly to our hosting sales page, in either case a cookie will stay in your referral’s browser for 90 days.

To create a link, in the same overview screen, click on create new link, enter the link to our website you want to redirect to, give it a name you prefer, click on save and that’s it, you have your personalized link as you see in the image:

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