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How to create a free corporate email with Zoho Mail

Why should you look for mail servers outside when you have them included inside.

It is very common to use the server’s email account for the exchange of emails, although possible, it is not the best practice to ensure the deliverability of emails, this happens with any hosting provider and although we offer unlimited email accounts with 10GB of capacity, we do it because it is the standard in the market. You have the choice of doing it the way everyone else does it or doing it right.

The email providers are dedicated to maintain the reputation of the IP and many other good SPAM practices, you know, what they say about “shoe to shoe”, well the best thing you can do is to choose an email provider, because there is no more expensive email than the one that arrives in the SPAM folder. How many times have you had a customer tell you that they are not receiving your emails or that they are being SPAMmed? Or how many warnings have you seen on a website that says: “check your email, your order has arrived, check in SPAM and get it out of there”, this is because the same WordPress server is usually used as an email server.

That said, there are many email providers, the main ones on the market are Gsuite (the best), Outlook (attractive if you want a lot of space in the cloud) and Zoho, which we will discuss in this tutorial because they are very robust, offer a mobile app and are free for up to 5 accounts.

Difference between email accounts and aliases

Another common malpractice is the entrepreneur who works alone at home and keeps the accounts:

  • hola@soyemprendedor.com
  • contact@soyemprendedor.com
  • support@soyemprendedor.com
  • invoicing@soyemprendedor.com
  • sales@soyemprendedor.com
  • testing@soyemprendedor.com
  • otrotest@soyemprendedor.com

Although we want to give that big company feeling, there is no need to complicate life, an email account should represent a human being behind a mailbox, if you identify yourself with the previous case, you don’t need 7 email accounts, you need 1 account with 6 aliases, all of them will arrive to the same mailbox and will make your life easier.

Let’s create your free Zoho Mail account

Although Zoho has paid plans starting at 0.90€/month, in most cases you can get by with the free version, to do so click on this link and indicate your name, email or phone number and a password. Important: it is not the email account that you are going to configure necessarily, but one in which you are contactable, it is not very advisable that you use the same one, a personal Gmail account would be great, to this account they will send you a confirmation key::

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Click on add now, enter the domain data and proceed to the domain verification:

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Now that we have this tab we copy the TXT value and we go to the hosting, we look for manage DNS and leave the first box blank, in the second we choose TXT, in the third we paste the value we just copied and click on Update DNS. We return to the previous screen and click on Verify TXT record, if it does not detect it, wait a few minutes and retry.

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Now we put the first account and click on create:

Now in this window we can add a new mail account, that is to say another mailbox to be monitored by another person, for this we are going to click on add, fill in the data and click on add.

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But we could also create aliases, these virtual accounts that arrive to the same mailbox that we choose, in this case I will choose “hello”, we go to the second option: mail configuration and in email aliases, the first option, we click on the “+” symbol, we indicate the name, the alias and we click on accept. Repeat as many times as necessary until we have them all:

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Now we click on configure groups and as we will not do it in this tutorial we click again on DNS assignment:

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Now we are going to repeat the same steps to create the TXT record, but we will select MX, also take into account the priority factor (10,20,30) that it indicates, we click on Verify MX records and if it does not validate them immediately we wait a few minutes:

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Now we have to configure the SPF record, we repeat the same steps above, but create a TXT record:

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Now we have to configure the DKIM record, we repeat the same steps above, but we create a TXT record, taking into account that this time the first box is not blank, this record is not really necessary, but it gives an extra layer of authentication to the mails:

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Now we could start a migration of the old email, but if we are going to use the 5GB of the free account is not recommended, so we will skip it, then we will be prompted to download the mobile app and we can do one more time to finish, now to the administration or directly to the email.

Well, you have already created your email accounts and aliases, now you can send emails from the Zoho server for free.

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