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How to create a good support ticket that is resolved in the first message

86% of the support tickets that are not resolved within the first 4 hours are due to the fact that the information we receive is not sufficient to correctly assess the problem. It is normal that we try to express our needs as if our interlocutor is inside our head, but that’s okay, by the time you finish reading this post you will learn how to create a support ticket like a PRO.

So assuming you have already reviewed our knowledge base and have not found any answers, we remind you that you can create a support ticket in the administration panel, once the ticket is opened, you can follow up by replying to it via email.

Every new ticket is a new conversation

Let’s imagine that you go to the third appointment with the doctor to tell him that you have a sore knee, you don’t want to tell him the whole story of the first and second consultation, but you don’t want to talk about your migraine or acne problems either, right? this is the importance of our policy that each ticket is a different conversation.

It is important for you to understand that although we do many things that an agency does, at the end of the day we are not an agency, we are a hosting service and we run thousands of websites, so it is impossible for us to know every single one of them, their plugins, templates and for every agent to memorize every single support ticket.

That is why if we are having a conversation about “the emails do not arrive”, do not close the ticket until we finish talking about it, if you need to ask about “the images do not load”, it is better to open a new ticket and not mix the conversations.

In the same way, referring to past conversations outside the ticket in question, does not help us because most likely the person in charge of the previous ticket, is not the same person who attends you at this moment. Once the ticket is closed you can explain the situation again or go to the administration panel, look for the closed ticket, open it again and give us context from there.

Staying calm will save you time

A website is nothing more than files on a computer in the cloud, you are working with a good hosting provider, which has up to 3 types of backup security in 3 different places, it is virtually impossible that something happens to your website that can not be recovered. That said, you will gain more time by having a cool head and being very detailed about the problem than by opening a ticket right off the bat.

The secret is in the details

Whenever you create a support ticket remember that on the other side of the screen is another human being that if it’s his turn to guess information, it’s time that your problem will not be solved, try to answer:

  1. Where did the error occur? Provide the URL or if it occurs in a specific browser.
  2. What did you expect to happen? Provides details about what you expected to happen versus what actually happened.
  3. Is more than one error happening? Divide each error into a separate paragraph.
  4. Did you try to solve the problem? If you tried to fix the problem, provide the steps you took and the results.
  5. How do you see it on your screen? Provide documentation, details and screenshots where possible. If you want to go even a step further, create a video of the process that causes the error with a free video tool like Loom.
  6. Check if you have answered all of the above questions. Add any additional information that may help the support team and troubleshoot the problem.

Here is an example of a poorly prepared ticket:

Subject: I can’t install a plugin

Message: I’m trying to install a plugin and the website won’t let me, I need help.

This is an example of a ticket that is resolved in minutes:

Subject: I can’t install WP-Rocket plugin

I am trying to install the WP-Rocket plugin from the admin from “https://miweb.com/wp-admin/plugin-install.php” and I get this error attached in screenshot “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini”.

I have not tried anything else because I do not dare to touch the code, I attach this video of Loom in case it helps you to solve the problem “https://www.loom.com/unvideocualquiera”.

See the difference? With the first example we will ask you for more information 100% of the time and with the second one we can solve it in minutes.

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