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How to interpret the initial report

A good part of the problems that a website may have comes from everything we install, it is very common that a website is full of free plugins, in fact, the most common thing is that we recommend you to remove 5 or 8 plugins whose functionalities we cover with installing a PRO one. In the initial report we give you valuable recommendations regarding our experience with WordPress, its plugins and themes, we seek to remove the plugins that do not contribute and / or change them for premium versions or the best alternatives.

The important thing about the report is that you know that these are recommendations, not obligations, imagine the following simile: you come from having a sedentary life and a bad diet, we do not want you to be overwhelmed with changing everything at once and go from 5000 to 200 calories a day.

Every good decision you make will bring you closer to the goal of making your website load fast, so here are a few tips:

  • Try to follow the recommendations that are easiest for you first and ask questions if you have any doubts.
  • It is possible that for example you have a plugin that you use in every post and you have 1000 posts created, surely you will not compensate the change, leave it as it is.
  • If on the other hand, we have the example of a plugin like contact form that requires 4 additional plugins to do functions that others have from the base and you only have 3 forms created, it is highly recommended that you consider changing.
  • Another example would be Yoast SEO where we have seen up to 8 dependent plugins to do the same function as Rank Match, in this case we strongly recommend you to make the switch.

Ultimately, the initial report gives you a guide to decide on a balance of the most benefit/reduction of plugins and the least amount of work.

That said, the first thing you should do is visit the link in the initial report which will take you to a page like this one where you should read the recommendations and based on that, make some decisions:

Division of the report columns

Each column represents the following:

PLUGIN or PLANT: indicates the name of the element to which we make reference.

REASON: where we explain why we are making the recommendation.

RECOMMENDATION: in which you will find three types of recommendations or actions:

  • REMOVE: we recommend you to read the reason, most likely you do not need this Plugins or Themes.
  • CHANGE: we invite you to replace free plugins or plugins of dubious origin with premium plugins totally free of charge.
  • RECOMMENDATION: where you will find general tips that do not have to do with plugins or themes.

WHAT WE DO: where you tell us what you have decided, you can choose:

  • REMOVE/CHANGE: to inform us that you have done it on your own.
  • DO IT YOURSELF: to ask us to execute the recommendation on our own.
  • ILEAVE IT THE SAME: to inform us that you do not want to make any changes.

Once the decisions have been made and the options have been updated in the document, please reply via email to let us know that the changes are ready to continue the process.

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