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What should I know before I start?

First of all we want to welcome you to WaoPress, as usual, you will surely have many questions about the service, WaoPress is a Swiss Army Knife and like any good tool, has its learning curve and its instruction manual, here are the most frequently asked questions. In order not to make this guide too long, every time you see a link like this one, it will take you to a tutorial to explain the topic in more depth or to perform an action, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us by creating a support ticket.

What to do in case of a new website?

If your website is new, you must first install your WordPress to do so:

  1. Log in to the administration panel and install your WordPress
  2. If you have the +Plugins plan you can see our library with more than 8000 Plugins and Themes.
  3. If you have the +Support plan you can create a ticket so that we can advise you on which one to choose, as well as any other WordPress related question.
  4. Create your email accounts

What to do in case of migration?

In the case of migrations, you don’t have to worry about anything, we will take care of it for you, you will have to fill out a form with the data of your WordPress and your current provider, before filling out the form have the following information at hand:

  1. Create an administrator user in your WordPress with the email link@waopanel.com
  2. We will need to change the DNS, you can send us the details of your current domain provider or decide to change it on your own once we confirm that the migration is completed.
  3. Let us know of any special folders that do NOT belong to WordPress, as our software will only search for typical WordPress folders and files; if you have a special need, let us know so we can do it manually.

Once you have this information, visit this link and request the migration.

What to do in case of a mail migration?

In the case of an email migration we need the IMAP accesses of your previous email account, we can extract them if you give us access to the administration panel of the current hosting, but take into account that for this we will have to change the current passwords, which will leave you without receiving emails during the migration. To avoid this, create a copy of this Google Sheets file and provide us with the following data, one per line:

  1. E-mail account
  2. Password
  3. IMAP Server

Download template

Do I need to transfer my domain?

Although it may not seem like it, the domain and hosting are two very different but interdependent products, although you can transfer your domain with us if you prefer to have it all unified in the same package, it is not necessary, you can perfectly keep it where it is and have two providers. If you are one of those who prefer not to be jumping between panels and have everything unified here we explain how to transfer your domain.

How can I optimize my website?

The web optimization or WPO in our servers is automatic, but it must be configured, for this you will find all the detailed documentation in our CDN, Cache and WPO section, you only have to take into account 3 things:

  1. Your website must be ready: there is always a change or a plugin that we need to add, the optimization must be done when the website is finished, never before.
  2. Only use the necessary plugins: cramming a website with 8 free plugins when a paid plugin can replace it makes no sense, especially if they cost you nothing with +Plugins or +Support.
  3. We can take care of it: although you will have all the tools you need inside the server, when you have the +Plugins or +Support plan you have a speed guarantee, so you can create a ticket and we will take care of everything.
Recuerda que en cualquier caso, estamos aquí para ayudarte, si tienes cualquier pregunta, no dudes en contactarnos.

How do I create the cookie banner?

With the +Plugins and +Support plans we install a 100% Compliance cookie banner, this means that our robots will scan your entire website and create a smart contract with all cookies, classifying and describing them automatically, and blocking them until users consent to their installation, all in compliance with current regulations. For this we need you to create a support ticket with the URL of the legal basis of your cookie policy, if needed, you can use ours as a guide, always remember to change the legal and contact details.

How can I request white-label reports?

The +Plugins and +Support plans also include the possibility of requesting monthly reports on the activity and maintenance work we have done to your website, they are not sent by default, so you must request them individually for each website. To request it, you only have to open a support ticket once, and we will send it to you month by month until you tell us that you don’t want them anymore.

Also, if you have an agency, we can send these reports with your brand logo and colours.

How to create a support ticket?

You can request assistance through the administration panel and selecting the corresponding category in each case, we recommend you to follow this guide to know how to create a support ticket correctly that will be resolved in minutes and not hours.

How can I get the free service and also earn commissions?

With WaoPress you can earn recurring commissions from all the clients you refer to us for life, so if you refer only 5 clients with a plan similar to yours, you won’t pay for hosting anymore, besides, we don’t put limits neither to the amount of time each affiliate gives you commissions nor to the amount of people you can refer, so if you have some money left over, you can use the remaining money on a dinner, or why not, on a vacation. To learn how to take advantage of our program follow this link.

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