What are Core Web Vitals and Google PageSpeed and why should you care?

Before giving you a master class with technical concepts, we would like to summarize everything in a few very specific points so that no one gets lost, we would like to tell you that all the statistics mentioned in these points were not invented by us, the official source is Google and it is corroborated by us at our comparison:

  1. 85.21% of blog visits come from mobile devices
  2. 71.72% of online store visits come from mobile devices
  3. 56.52% of sales were closed on mobile devices
  4. 53% of users abandon your website if it loads in more than 3sec.
  5. 90% abandon it if it loads in more than 5 seconds
  6. The Spanish average loads in 8.7 seconds

Now let’s talk about what really matters: how this affects your business.

It has been affecting you for a long time, but now it will not only affect your sales but also your positioning. You see: the user experience metrics we indicated above have not changed much in recent years, if your website has 3 years loading in 4 seconds and you are paying Facebook ads, we are sorry to tell you that you have 3 years throwing more than 50% of your advertising investment in the trash. The same if you are paying for SEO, for SEM, for whatever attracts visitors to your website: if it loads slowly, half of the people or more will leave.

The degree of difficulty that Google puts from 2021 is that, at least for organic traffic, ie: SEO, you will have a harder time if your website loads slowly. It does not mean that if you have bad content and your website loads fast you will rank better or vice versa, it means that between content of similar SEO value, the winner will be the one that loads faster.

Let’s look at opportunities instead of threats

This article is not created to sow fear, on the contrary, all this is very positive: surely you have heard that “in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king”, this means that you can easily overtake your competitors in this race because the vast majority is doing it poorly, this will give you a competitive advantage that not all runners have and that does not even have to cost you effort, because with our all inclusive hosting plans has never been so easy to take this competitive advantage and give a better user experience to your customers which is what it is all about. Now, a few technical terms that might interest you:

What are Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vitals are a set of web metrics that will measure the experience of your users on the web. They say that the customer is always right, so we’d better keep an eye on these metrics to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Currently, the Core Web Vitals are based on 3 metrics:

LCP or Largest Contentful Paint

Oh no! A wild English technicality appeared! Don’t worry, we are here to translate this term from English techy to Spanish. The LCP is nothing more than the time it takes to load the top part of your website, that is, the part that the visitor sees without having to scroll down. I’m sorry to tell you that your visitor is not going to wait more than 3 seconds to load that elaborate banner with three videos, a predictive menu and three different types of chat that you have added with so much effort to your website, you have to give the visitor fast content or he will not tremble in leaving where he came from.

FID or First Input Delay

Here is the second of the metrics; in this case, what is going to be measured is the time it takes for your content to load from the time the visitor clicks on any link on your website that loads completely. I can advise you the same as in the previous case, the best is that it does not take more than 3 seconds to load or your visitor will get bored and will say “chao, bye!

CLS or Cumulative Layout Shift

Surely it has happened to you that on a website, when you go to click on the button that will take you to the section you want to visit, a banner appeared out of nowhere and you ended up on a page to “meet single girls near you”, I know, you don’t do that, but the pop-up asking for the email as soon as you get to your website is not that users love it and is like asking for marriage on the first date: nobody likes it (Google much less).

This metric measures what is called visual stability of a website, i.e. it assigns a score for each annoying banner that appears more or less innocently. So the higher this metric is, the more pissed off your visitor is going to be.

So, what is Google PageSpeed?

Google Pagespeed Insights is nothing more than a free tool that Google puts at our disposal to help us check how the three metrics we have discussed are doing on our website. Simply enter the URL of your website, and in a few moments you will have the results. Google also adds a list of recommendations to improve the Pagespeed of your website: very kind, mr. Google!

Currently, only one hosting provider helps you reach a PageSpeed level that Google considers acceptable. I’ll give you a hint:

Why are Core Web Vitals important?

Mainly because Google has announced that they will soon be a factor that will be taken into account for the SEO positioning of websites. In this way, websites with better Google Pagespeed indexes will have an easier time moving up in Google’s search results.

However, just as there are terraplanners, there are also deniers of Core Web Vitals as an SEO ranking factor (I guess the same ones who thought it was crazy for Google to penalize non-responsive websites). Personally, I prefer to believe the information that comes directly from the source, and Google has been clear: Core Web Vitals will be a factor in SEO positioning throughout 2021, there is no way around it.

But you may also be thinking: SEO? Why do I need SEO? In that case, forget about the positioning of your website, and think about that user who comes to it and leaves angry because of the time he has wasted waiting for it to load. In a physical store, would you keep a customer waiting for no reason for 10 minutes? Well, people don’t like to waste their valuable time in the digital world either. Think also of all the money you have invested in an ad campaign: all you are doing is throwing money away if customers leave your site as they arrive.

Why don’t you take a look at the Pagespeed of your website? If you like your results you can brag about them in the comments, if not, we can give you a hand to improve it.

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