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My www.domain.com does not work, but domain.com works fine (or vice versa), what’s wrong?

If you have this behavior after a recent update to your Web or a newly created package, you are almost certainly experiencing a DNS propagation delay and it will resolve itself in a matter of hours.

It is assumed that when you previously visited your site you did so using www.domain.com and not domain.com (without the www). Therefore, your DNS resolvers have the www.domain.com lookup stored in their cache. When you try to see www.domain.com again, you get the cached value from your DNS resolvers, which is the old IP address. However, when you checked the domain with just “domain.com” (without www) your DNS resolvers did not have an answer in their cache, so they got the new (correct) IP address of the domain. Therefore, “domain.com” works for you, but “www.domain.com” does not.

The only solution in this case is to wait for your resolver cache to expire, and then when you revisit the domain, a new lookup will be done and the new IP will be stored.

If you use the nameservers from WaoPress, this should not take more than 1 hour. If you have recently changed your nameservers, or want to read more about DNS propagation, see What is DNS propagation?

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