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How do I prevent emails from going to SPAM?

These are the best ways to prevent emails from going to the spam folder:

Add an SPF record

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records help reduce the possibility of your domain being spoofed in spam messages. They can also increase email deliverability to external providers such as Gmail and Outlook. This indicates to other providers that WaoPress is a confirmed sender of emails from your domain.

Check here for more information: How can I add SPF records for my domain?

Add a DKIM record

DKIM, like SPF, is a standard for authenticating a specific aspect of the email sending process. The premise of DKIM is to check that an email actually comes from the domain or sender it claims to have been sent from and whether it has been altered in any way in transit.

Check here for more information: How can I add DKIM records for my domain?

Edit spam filters

If the problem is incoming emails, you can allow mail in the spam filter section of any hosting package. In the spam filters section, you can set the general filtering level to tell us how strict we should be with the filtering of incoming spam.

If you only want to allow a particular address, this can be done by including it in the allow list of a domain or directly from the mailbox. If you want to allow a single email address, you will have to add “direccion@eldominio.com” and if you want to allow a whole domain, you will have to add “*@eldominio.com”. This will allow mail from the address/domain to bypass our spam filter.

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