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Why can’t I send e-mails?

There are some very common reasons why you can’t send emails using WaoPress email servers.

Are your email settings correct?

Make sure that the username and password of the e-mail account you enter in your e-mail client are correct. The data you should use are listed below:

Account type: IMAP

  • Incoming mail server: imap.yourdomain.com.
  • Outgoing mail server: smtp.yourdomain.com.
  • Incoming server port (IMAP): 993
  • Uses the following type of encrypted connection: SSL
  • Outgoing Server Port (SMTP): 465 (or 587)
  • Uses the following type of encrypted connection: TLS
  • For more information, see: How do I configure my mailbox in mail clients such as Outlook?

Are e-mail sending limits reached?

Our mailing platform has several limits to protect the reputation of the mailing platform and prevent large amounts of junk mail from being sent. Currently, our mailing limits are as follows

  1. 10,000 daily mailings.
  2. 2,000 unique mailboxes.
  3. The same email, copied as is, cannot be sent to more than 100 people.
  4. The size of messages/attachments: our webmail system accepts attachments up to 32 MB, and the maximum size of messages in our network is 50 MB.

If any of these limits are exceeded, mail cannot be sent from that hosting package or mailbox. In the case of the message/attachment size limit, you will simply need to look at reducing the size of the email or attachment being sent.

Where do the MX records point to?

You can easily make sure that WaoPress serves the emails using the tool here: https://mxtoolbox.com/

If we host the emails, you will see mx.stackmail.com returned. If anything else is returned, you can contact us to exchange them.

Is the mailbox deactivated for suspicious activity?

If you receive the following error when trying to send that the mailbox may have been disabled for sending suspicious mail:

SMTP: Error (550): Failed to add recipient “test@example.com” (Sending mail from this address has been disabled due to suspicious activity).

If you have received this error, please contact our support team, they will be able to resolve it for you.

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