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Why is my domain blacklisted and how can I remove it?

What is a blacklist?

The Domain Name System Blacklist (DNSBL) is a list that allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other webmasters to block e-mail or traffic from certain systems. And they usually block those who are known to send spam and other malicious content. Typically, a blacklist contains domains, email addresses or IP addresses.

Having a blacklisted domain can prevent emails from being sent and instead, you receive “bounce” messages from the server that rejected the email.

Why is my domain blacklisted?

Having a domain blacklisted is usually the result of the degradation of the reputation of the domain itself. Most of the time this is due to sending emails that have been classified as “spam”. If your IP is blacklisted, it may be due to the reputation of your own ISP. There are several ways to improve the sender reputation of your domain name.

  • Add an SPF record
  • Add a DKIM record
  • Check your emails using tools such as MailTester
  • Send emails using only authenticated SMTP over an SSL/TLS connection.

How can I remove my domain from a blacklist?

You will want to remove your domain from blacklists as soon as possible, because they are often shared between providers. If you think you have solved the root cause of the listing by making sure no spam is being sent, go to the blacklist providers site and follow their blacklist removal process.

Types of elimination process

Self-Service Removal: This means that you can remove the blacklist manually without much hassle or waiting. You should make sure that you have solved the problems before doing so. If the domain reappears in the list, it may be more difficult to remove.

Time-based removal: Most blacklists have a time-based process whereby domains that have lower level listings will be removed periodically, typically 1-2 weeks. Higher level listings may take longer to be deleted.

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