How do I know if my website is loading cookies without consent?

It has been almost a year since we did the first massive speed test, at that time we evaluated only 50,000 websites, this year we have been more ambitious and we have analyzed a total of 500,000 websites.000 websites, without trying to look for it we realize that apart from the fact that the vast majority of websites load slowly, there is another problem much more widespread and even more serious: the websites are downloading cookies without the consent of the customer, this is a clear violation of the data protection law that is paid with fines of 900 € to 600,000 €, in this article I leave you the option to verify on your own the loading speed and a tutorial to verify the problem with cookies.

First let’s do the speed test

74% of the webs load in red or slow, 22% in yellow or medium and only 2% in green, although it is not the purpose of this article it is highly recommended to at least shed light on this problem and know if we have it to seek to solve it, you can have the result in a couple of minutes by clicking this button:

Now let’s test if we are downloading cookies or not.

We can do this test in two ways, one more automatic and one manual. Both tests consist of the same thing: if we arrive at our website and without accepting the cookie banner we detect that cookies are downloaded before accepting the banner, then we are incurring in a breach of the data protection law.

To automatically test your website you can use the Cookie Script scanner. which is the company with which we have partnered to install the free banner on all our websites with +Support and +Plugins plans, maybe you will be encouraged to make a free website with them, but take into account that the cookie blocking is reserved for their Standard and Plus plans, we only install the Plus, which is the most complete and has a cost of 9 € / month with annual payment, which compared to our +Support plan, and is amortized alone.

To do it manually you can consult this video: