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How to restore backups

At WaoPress de la web we have two types of backups, the ones we do on external servers, but they are managed within the server and are recovered from the administration panel. And those that we do on an external server and are managed from WordPress if you have the +Plugins or +Support plans, both do the same function, only one is more accessible, since we do not have to leave WordPress, let’s start with the first:

How can I restore my website using server backups?

Inside the server a backup is stored every 6 hours for 30 days, these backups can be restored in full or in parts, such as copies of the files and copies of the database, if you do not know the difference we recommend reading this article or simply restore both on the same date to be sure.

You can restore from any backup available at any time for them you must:

  1. Go to the administration panel of the website you need to restore and select Timeline Backups in the Web Files section.
  2. Click on the type of backup you want to recover, for example full backup
  3. Select the available date, take into account that the server makes backups every 4 hours if there are changes in the Web, if you do not see a backup do not be alarmed, simply if there are no changes, there is nothing to back up.
  4. Click on Restore, verify the selection and click on Restore selected items.
  5. Wait a few minutes until you see the green confirmation bar as you can see in the following video:
Watch video

How can I restore my website using the backups from the external server?

As we said, if you have the +Plugins or +Support plan, you will have 2 additional backups that you can access from the same WordPress, to do this select the option “WP Time Capsule” and you will see a calendar, select the date you want to restore, choose one of the restore points and click on “restore site to this point”:

Unlike backups from the server, both the files and the database will be recovered, if you want to recover only the files, only the database or even just a folder of files you must select the icon with the bullets on the left hand side of each backup and navigate through the options.

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