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What are temporary URLs and what are they for?

Temporary URLs, as their name suggests, are test subdomains that we can use before the DNS records point to our server. There are a few reasons why you may want to use the temporary URL.

View one without the Nameservers pointing to the domain

At WaoPress you can create a web site using a domain that does not point to our Nameservers or even to a fictitious domain. This means that the website will not connect to a real domain via DNS, so to view the files you have uploaded to the site you can use the temporary URL. The website will be displayed if it were live, except that it will be at a temporary URL and the URL will be something like http://aitorcapelo-com.waopanel.com/

View a site that you have migrated, before changing the Nameservers to WaoPress

When migrating a site to WaoPress, we recommend the following process:

  1. Migrate site files, e-mails and databases to WaoPress
  2. Check that the site is working on WaoPress the temporary URL
  3. Point nameservers to WaoPress.

Step 2 is where the temporary URL comes into play. After you have copied all the data from the website to WaoPress, you can check that it works. By selecting the temporary URL you will see what the site will look like before you have pointed the nameservers correctly.

Show your customer the website before making it work on the real domain

You may be redoing a client’s site and want to keep the old version on the old server while you develop on the new one, with temporary URLs you can easily show your client’s progress without it being accessible on the real domain name. You can give your customers the URL http://aitorcapelo-com.waopanel.com/

Where can I see my temporary URL?

When you enter the administration panel of your web server, you will see it on the right hand side as shown in this image:

Is the temporary URL the same as the Staging environment?

No, the temporary URL is not the same as a Staging environment, as it will always reflect what will be on the live site, so it is not possible to do work and then “Push” the changes to the live domain.

Are there alternatives to the use of the temporary URL?

Yes, you can modify your hosts files. Your machine’s local hosts file allows you to override the DNS for a particular domain name or subdomain. This is a great way to test your site before changing the real DNS: you can test your site on WaoPress servers while the rest of the Internet continues to see the DNS of the other server. You can see a complete guide on this here.

Does my Web work the same on temporary URL servers?

No, the temporary URL servers have a reduced capacity, as they are only used to test a website on the platform before going live, so they are not intended for performance evaluation.

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