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What is the difference between file and database changes?

Timeline Backups gives you the option to restore file changes or database changes. It is not always obvious whether the changes you have made are file or database changes. Here are some general guidelines.

Changes in the files

These are changes to the files in your WordPress installation, including themes and plugins. Changes to the files include

  1. Install new themes
  2. Install new plugins
  3. Update themes or plugins
  4. Upgrade WordPress
  5. Editing theme files, including CSS files
  6. If you used FTP to change something, you made changes to the files
  7. If you went to Themes -> Editor or Plugins -> Editor, you made changes to the files

Changes in the database

These are changes to the content of your WordPress website, or any of its options. Changes to the database include

  1. Writing new content on the site (posts, pages, custom content types)
  2. Activate and deactivate plugins
  3. Change plugin settings
  4. Change the theme settings (including saving the CSS in the theme customizer or in the options page of your theme).
  5. Get feedback and moderate comments
  6. Forum activity
  7. Create, change or delete user accounts
  8. Change WordPress settings
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