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Why do I receive an Internal Server Error (error 500) message?

A white screen or Internal Server Error (error 500) usually means that a script used by your Web is throwing an exception and/or a fatal error. When this happens, it will be logged by our system and you can see the recent errors within the Access/Error Logs option in the Logs & Stats section of our control panel.

A ‘500 Internal Server Error’ message on your website is often due to an error in the .htaccess file.

A common cause of an internal server error on WordPress sites is if you are running an incompatible PHP version. Some errors occur if the server is running a version of PHP that is not compatible with the Web code. Currently, we support PHP 7.* and 8. To learn how to change the PHP version you can visit this link.

Also, you should check if your WordPress admin area is still accessible. It can usually be accessed by visiting http://your-domain.com/wp-admin.

If so, we recommend that you deactivate all plugins and themes, and revisit the site to try to identify the root cause, if you can access, activate them again one by one to see which one is creating the conflict.

If you can’t access the admin, remember that you can access and disable plugins and themes from each of them in the Manage Plugins section of admin panel.

Increase PHP memory limits

Sometimes internal server error can occur if you are running out of PHP memory limit. To increase them you can follow this tutorial.

Before you consider increasing the PHP memory, check the errors, sometimes we install plugins that create infinite loops of RAM consumption, no matter how much you increase these values, if these processes are not stopped, it will continue to happen.
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