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How to change the email notifications of a Gravity Forms form?

Have you already located your form? If not, we recommend that you first visit How to detect the source of my forms? In the main administrator we click on the form option, and following the case of the previous tutorial we click on Contact, then settings and notifications:

In this section we can have as many notifications as we want, the normal thing is to have one for us and another for the client. Inside you will see the following options for you to make your settings:

Name: it is simply an internal name that we give to that notification.

Send to: indicates if we introduce an email, being this one fixed it is where normally we put our own email or we use the Shortcode {admin_email} to do it to the admin’s email. We can also select a field and this is used as a variable to send it to an email entered by the user, the most common is that we use it to notify the user. And the third one allows you to configure routing and what it does is to send an email to different accounts depending on a response, it is useful for example to differentiate notifications by departments.

I won’t take up your time explaining fields like sender name or message, but if you have any doubts create a task in your administration panel.

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