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Data is the new value with which empires are built out of thin air

Nothing is free in the digital world: if someone is not selling you any product (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google), you are the product. Data Enrichment is the process in which we enrich a database for use in marketing or any other discipline. We are experts in using data to our advantage: here are some examples of the endless possibilities:

Take advantage of your competitor’s Ads

We create a list of competitors doing a Facebook Ads campaign, we extract a base of their comments, followers and likes to contact them directly.

Get the users of pages and groups

We extract the fans of influencers and competitors in our sector and then contact them little by little to grow our community with a hyper-segmented group.

Transform your competitors’ reviews

Know the strengths of your competition and look for the pains in the negative comments that you can use to your advantage, this is a competitive advantage.

Leverage an influencer or competitor’s fans

It is very common to obtain data such as emails and phone numbers in the profiles, we list the followers, extract data, follow them, comment and/or send messages.

React to posts that use a Hashtag

We can automatically search for all posts from users using a certain hashtag and leave a comment, like, follow and send a message.

Follow and stop following on autopilot

We can run campaigns in which we follow all the followers of an influencer and after a certain period of time, review who is not following us to unfollow them.

Database of local businesses in your area

We can search for a list of “bakeries in the postal code 03004 of alicante” and we return you emails, phone numbers and WhatsApp of these companies for you to contact them.

Extracts e-mails from directories and web pages

We extract the websites from professional directories and search the internet for emails associated with a domain ready to be uploaded to any email manager.

Spies on customer and competitor technology

Imagine you want to sell a CRM service and you have a customer database of 10,000 websites and you need to know which CRM or CMS they are currently using, we will solve it for you.


Data Enrichment rates are charged per data extracted with a minimum budget; the above listed is just an example of the multiple uses that can be given to this service.



Minimum investment

  • Social Media Action 0,1€
  • Data/Web Technologies 0,1€
  • E-mail 0,2€
  • Verified email 0,5€
  • Telephone number 0,5€
  • WhatsApp number 1,0€

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Frequently Asked Questions
If you miss any, Contact us at

Each action we do within a social network, look at it as each ingredient of a recipe; if for example we extract the followers of an Instagram profile, we extract the contact details, we give them to follow and then we send them a message, there would be a total of 4 social actions worth 0.1€/user, if we set a target of 500 users we would consume 200€ of the budget.

We use tools that automatically check if an email responds well, in the case of WhatsApp our bot tries to send a message to see if the number is valid, we always make the best effort because the data is of quality even if it is a cold list.

All data extracted and verified as real. It must be understood that the bots enter and verify the data that users leave in these networks, this data could be outdated, but in our verification we validate as existing.

Each program has its own rules, but basically the companies make you register, or you even need to be a client of the companies, while with us you can have access to the affiliate panel without being a client.