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The concept of Email Warming is both simple and brilliant.

The price of this service is as simple as the service itself, 5€/month or 50€year for each mailbox you want to keep warm, the longer you keep it, the better it will help your deliveries, and you can hire it in this link.

Do you have doubts about how Email Warming can help your campaigns?

Do not worry, it usually happens that being a new service you do not clarify, but we are here to help you, send us a WhatsApp and we will advise you without obligation on the advantages or if you need this service.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Your email account will automatically send dozens of emails to our artificial intelligence system with over 1000 email accounts, daily and at the appropriate frequency. These emails will be marked as non-spam, opened, marked as safe and replied to. In this way, the reputation of your email, domain and IP will increase and keep your emails away from spam.

Our system raises and keeps your sender reputation high, which is the key to avoiding the spam folder, and is intended to run daily for the life of your email account as it balances your own activity.

Our system is based on generating emailing activity between you and us, so yes, you will receive emails from us (lots of them). Thanks to a specific word in their content, you can create a rule to redirect them directly to a folder, so your inbox will stay clean.

Getting to the inbox is a fine blend between the content of your emails and your account activity. We take care of this last part, so we count on you to follow the best practices in terms of content, then things will go well for you.

Each time you send an email, Internet service providers (e.g. Gmail) attribute a reputation score to your email account, domain and IP. This value is based on the content of the email, the age of your account and your sending activity. If this score is bad, your emails will end up in spam or may be blacklisted.

Our system takes care of automatic actions that improve these variables, that is, your reputation.

A traditional email account is built with a sending part (SMTP) and a receiving part (IMAP). Emails will be sent through your SMTP to our software accounts, which will respond 30% of the time.

Emails from our intelligent system are sent from your email account and generated automatically. The content and length of the emails are optimized to increase the reputation of your account, they do not provide valuable information. The answers are stored in a dedicated folder so that you are not disturbed.